Monday, August 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

A look at the bed runner on my queen size bed,

I made a change from making this into a quilt with squares to a bed runner with stacked coin strips. All was quilted on the vintage machine except for the decorative stitch.

This will be the center to a quilt that I have just started. I was practicing stippling on the Classic Lady with this material when the idea for my quilt came together. I will arrange some blue and cream color rectangles in a checkerboard pattern that will surround this piece.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewing room

I somehow deleted two entire posts while adding some photos today. So, I am showing before and after shots on the two vintage machines that I recently purchased and cleaned up, as well as my sewing center (my husband calls the command center).

Cleaned up Thistle Marie and cabinet (No.2). I purchased this 1907 Singer 66 treadle Lotus/Thistle machine from a church bazaar for $80. I spent days cleaning off 103 years of dirt and oil. My husband helped by dismantling the treadle. After I cleaned the embedded dirt and grease from the treadle parts, he reassembled it so that the treadle would run smoothly. She now purrs!

All the before and after cleaning and polishing shots. I had to be extremely careful of cleaning and polishing her 103 year old decals. Read a website that states that this machine has the brown lotus decals which are rare to find in the States. Wow!

The ornate face plate cleaned.

This is a 1955 Singer 15-91 that I purchased for $50; it came with buttonholer. I love the cabinet (No. 72). I have decided to call her Lady Classic.

Before cleaning and polishing. I also purchased a Singer 15-90 (belt driven, not shown) for $10 so that I could use its male electrical adapter part on my Classic Lady since hers was broken. This machine will now go to Erica; she can use it for making beautiful buttonholes.

New addition

I'm now the steward of my sister's old toy Singer sewing machine. She gave it to my daughter as a birthday gift. Since my daughter is at college, I can display the machine at my sewing center and marvel at its beauty. Thank you BIG.