Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Spy Quilt for my Dad.

My dad is turning 86 and at first I didn't have a clue what to get him for his birthday. I have seen numerous I Spy quilts (for kids), but recently I saw one that used this pattern which I like very much. I decided an I Spy quilt would make a cool and fun memory quilt for him to use.

The theme is of all of his interests and past interests: baseball, sailing, money, music, band, birds, solar system, space, travel, and even dogs. I used some fabric squares that Mom had sent me too. I also found some fabric that looks like a quilt, and I decided to honor Marie by using it in this quilt.

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Christmas runners!

My final Christmas runner! I still have some scrap fabrics left over, but those pieces will be used next year.

Back side is solid of the white and red snowflake fabric.

I had just enough of the back fabric to quilt up and use with this runner. I like its new look now that it has been quilted.

A close up of decorative finish stitching to binding. I like the results from using the glue and sew method of attaching the binding; I have much better control of the fabrics.

Back side.

They're finding me now!

Now the machines really are finding me. Today, my dental hygienist gave me a Singer 66-2 machine,1925. She saved it from her friend throwing it in the trash. My husband told her about my new hobby, and she told him about this machine that was just sitting around her house. She asked if I would like to have it. Well, I couldn't turn down a free machine.