Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spa Day for VicOtoria!

The elderly lady got a spa treatment today. I decided to take some time off from working on my son's belated birthday quilt and worked on assembling the cabinet to the treadle. I also gave the old lady an overdue spa.

The day started with cabinet top on floor with drawers, and the long center drawer resting on treadle. They were all waiting to be dusted off and then sealed with Tung oil.

And how they shined by the end of the day!

Halfway through assembling I realized that I was missing the gadget that holds up the small side top. I knew some hardware was missing since I was told this when I picked up this free machine and cabinet. This was the cabinet that someone else started refurbishing 25 years ago and had lost the jar full of screws, drawer handles, and other parts. The deal was free machine/treadle to anyone one willing to finish the project. Well, I'm the one dolling her up! I just didn't realize that I would have to rig something up for the section of the top that swings down. I think I have a quick fix for this, just have to test it out.

Close up of cleaned Singer VS2 fiddlehead from 1889 with coffin top sitting behind.
VicOtoria sews! She makes a beautiful stitch top and bottom; not bad for a woman that's 122 years old!

The lady has some fancy handles!

Photo with all the handles on the drawers. I'm still hunting down a bracket.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage 1951!

I totally forgot that this was the weekend for the huge neighborhood garage sale. Shortly after I started off with dog on our routine Saturday walk, I noticed numerous garage sale signs on the main road. So, I decided to stroll around the neighborhood checking out the garage deals. As I'm walking down one of the side streets, I spotted a machine sitting off to the side. I picked up my pace as I noticed numerous cars quickly heading in to park. Well, there sat a Singer 401A for only $10 without the power cord. The foot petal cord and carrying case with attachments were sitting on the ground together not too far off from machine. The seller told me she didn't have the power cord anymore. She was very apologetic about that. I told her that it was ok and that I would still purchase it without the cord. After I got home, I found a power cord with the correct adapter in my discarded motor box. I think that cord came from my Singer 15-90.

Here is a picture before cleaning up machine, case, and attachment tray.

Carrying case and attachment tray all cleaned.

The interesting contraption for holding the attachment box that tucks nicely inside carrying case. The attachment box slides into holder, and then one flips the holder 180 degrees into storage position.

I think I like the carrying case with this fascinating hidden compartment more than I like the machine!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I couldn't decide on title for this post. The song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" keeps coming to me every time I look at this quilt. So, that title won. This will be my donation quilt for a person in Joplin Missouri. I told my neighbor if I ever sold the sewing machine and table that she gave me, I would use that money for a donation quilt. She told me that she knows of a person in Joplin that lost everything. I sold the machine and table faster than I thought I would; some gal wanted the table badly. Well, I was having a difficult time making my son's b'day quilt. The colors didn't seem right for him, and for some reason the donation quilt kept surfacing to my mind...a please work on me now. As the piecing progressed and the quilt took on a life, as all quilts do, I knew this quilt's home would be in Joplin.

A close-up of scallop stitch used to finish off the binding. I use a different method from before. Instead of just straight stitching down and then running the decorative stitch over, I got brave and just did the decorative stitch. I had too many stops, starts, fixings, and fussing over position of binding for my liking while treadling. Next time, I will glue iron the fabric down first and then do the decorative stitching. It will make is easier for me in treadling.

I love this quilt! I like my choice of fabrics and the backing. There is a feel of movement and life! May this quilt bring warmth and comfort to another.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One treadle, two heads!

At present, my Singer 328K sits in my Singer straight-leg treadle. But before purchasing the 328K, I had a National Two Spools sitting in my Singer straight-leg treadle.

I had my first Two Spools in a modified treadle that my husband did the modification for me (clever man!).

Since the Two Spools machine is narrower, he took a wider portion of another Singer cabinet (lighter color wood shown) to hold the machine on the front lip.

The front and back of the piece that gets switched out in the front. My husband just fixed the wood for the hinge to sit into the wood.

All I do is unscrew the hinges from the wooden front piece and switch the wooden pieces that fits with the correct machine. The older light wood which is wider goes with the National Two Spools and the newer narrower wood goes with the Singer machines.

Both Singer pins can't be use to hold the Two Spools because the pins holes on the Two Spools don't line up with the Singer hinge pins.

Since only one pin will line up for the Two Spools and can only be used, my husband used a metal piece for support for the second pin. The machine rests on the hinge pin and metal plate.

This metal plate can be moved out when using the Two Spools and swing back under cabinet for the Singer Machines.

Location and how the metal plate is attached to cabinet.

I hope this helps others in their one treadle, two heads projects! Have fun treadling!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twins! Jade has come home!

This Davis NVF had been sitting on CLs for over a month. I waited and waited for someone to pick it up, but nah that never happened. So when I called to inquire about the machine, I was told that it was a donation and the money from selling this machine goes to an after-school program that benefits the handicap. When he told me that, I told him it's sold. He was so elated that he started telling me how the machine's foot and needle operate to move the fabric. I told him I already own one in treadle that I use in making quilts. He asked if I would like to teach a class!

Well, this lady's name is Jade since some of her decals have turned green. I moved her twin sister, Penny, out of the treadle so that I could test Jade. She did come with a motor that I removed (that ran way to fast for my liking). Since she stitches better than Penny, Jade will be staying in the treadle. Penny gets the honorary spot on the bookcase to oversee Jade's work.

Everyone must have at least one!

I was busy Friday driving around picking up great deals!
My first stop in the morning was for a free Singer cabinet and Singer VS2, fiddlehead (which I posted already). My second stop in the evening was for this Featherweight that was hidden on CLs. The lady posted it as a Singer 15-91 with another 15-19 (post read two 15-91, portable and table). I took a looked at the posted photos and immediately sent off e-mail. She was happy to sell and I was happy to receive my first FW.

My husband was waiting for me each time I arrived back home to help unload the car. With the FW, he went to the back of car, opened hatch, and stated where is the machine! I chuckled and told him its sitting behind me. So, he goes to open the passenger seat door behind me and says "this is it…it's so light…no wonder everyone wants one". When I opened the box and showed him the box layout and machine, he was so surprised at the size. All night long he kept talking about how cute it is and that the FWs look like toys…and I should look for more…start a family.

Again I chuckled because my 2- Two Spools, Melinda and The Cowboy, just got married. So now, they have their first child, Heather-FW. And grandma, VicOtoria-VS2, has taken up residence too. There went that honeymoon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Works almost done!

Another project! I must be nuts!
Went after a FREE CL item today. The person stated that they started the project of restoration about 25 years ago. They got the cabinet all sanded and then discovered that they had lost the jar of nuts, bolts, screws, and pull handles. So, they stopped all work. I saw the posting last night for FREE to anyone wishing to finish the project. Looks like I'll be busy with another treadle. My husband was such an enabler in this acquisition! He said it's free, just go get it. This machine is a Singer VS2, date 1889; now my oldest machine.