Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mondrian Quilt in Shades of Blue

This blue jean quilt reminds me of Mondrian's work.

When researching quilts made from jeans, I came across this gal's blog:
Once I saw the quilts, I knew that I had to make one for my daughter's new apartment as a birthday present. Plus, it looked like a fun, quick project. So, my box of recycled, cleaned jeans that has been sitting for months was pulled out, and I busily got started with cutting and arranging 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", & 12" blocks.

The blocks were then attached with 1" strips of brown Kona fabric that were sewn together with 1/4" seams made by using the Two Spools machine. This technique makes for no bulky seams since one isn't sewing denim to denim.

Then I sewed blocks together to form large sections. Those sections were quilted in a diagonal straight stitch that were 4 inches apart to the back fabric with the Davis NVF. It was easier to quilt sections versus quilting an entire quilt since denim is heavy. There is no batting used in this quilt since the denim alone is thick enough and heavy. The back of the quilt shows the best visible view of the sections. The solid black fabric pieces were added to fabrics pieces to form a complete panel or back section.

Once all of the five sections were quilted, I attached sections together by using black 1" strips of Kona fabric that were attached to sections with 1/4" seams on one side by machine. The other side of the strips were hand-sewn. Yes, I did hand sew those strips as well as the binding! I did the hand stitching so that there would not be any machine stitching lines showing on the top other than the quilted diagonal lines.

Not even my traditional finishing off of the binding with the decorative stitching was done on this quilt. I wanted to capture the simple, clean look of a Mondrian.