Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graduation Gift for My Daughter

My daughter graduated this past weekend from Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. She is the gal looking straight at the camera and wearing the brown graduation honor cord.

My husband and I are very proud that she survived five long grueling years of architecture school.

For her graduation present, I made her this quilt which she can now snuggle under while reading something for fun or while just watching a tv show. The colors in the fabrics are the Carnegie Mellon colors that are found in the Carnegie Mellon's tartan fabric which is also in this quilt.

The pattern is the Interleave pattern by Lorrie Cranor:

Since the mascot of Carnegie Mellon is the Scottie Dog, I use a fabric with a motif of scottie dogs. The large white dog has information about my daughter's graduation.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother's Day Gift

This is a gift to my mom who loves to decorate her dining room table with runners and flowers from her yard. She loves receiving new runners; so, I thought this one would be fun for her. The fabrics are from her stash of fabrics that she gave me a couple of years ago when she decided she was too tired to tackle quilting projects.

These elegant origami pinwheels are simple and quick to make.