Saturday, August 30, 2014

Catching Up!

This summer was so busy with trips: Pittsburgh, Houston, Japan, Houston, and Baltimore. It's nice to be back home, but the road trip to Houston has perked my interest in RVs and traveling across this beautiful country. I have spent many evenings not quilting, but researching RVs and reading blogs from RVers that are full-timers. It's fun reading their blogs. So, I have decided to start another blog called "Tootling Along". For now, I'll be posting places that I travel and research information on RVs.

I also spent one week preparing for a class. I was asked to teach the Interleave Quilt at a local quilt store, Wooden Gate Quilts. There were five people interested in learning the method. They couldn't figure out the directions; so, I was asked to help them out. Here is a photo of the one I used to demonstrate the technique and that I worked on during class. I still need to complete the binding. These are fun to make, but my interest has waned since making the large size graduation quilt for my daughter. So this is my last one.

My interests have moved onto making the crab themed quilts. Today, I pulled out three different red fabrics from my stash that will be used to make the crabs in the larger quilt with the off-white, or sand, background, shown in the previous blog post.

This project will take me numerous weeks to get it complete since I'm taking three online classes on child development this semester. I miss working with young children. The goal for now is to be an assistant teacher at a child care center. So, college studies come first and on weekends I will spend time on quilting projects and hiking around the Bay Area.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maryland Crabs

Recently, I took a trip back home to visit my family in Maryland. While there, I went shopping at a lovely quilt store (Bear's Paws Fabrics) and purchased some fabrics that I can use for two different quilts that have a Maryland motto...

... Maryland is for Crabs.

Well, this trip home reminded me of a quilting project that is on my to do list.
For a number of years now, I have wanted to make this one quilt with a crab motif. The fabrics on the left will be used as the background for this pattern.

While the fabric with the newsprint will be used as the background in the Crab Twist pattern, Handcrafts by Jennifer.

This crab twist pattern and the newsprint fabric reminds me of eating blue crabs, which turn red from cooking. Marylanders always pick (eat) their crabs on top of a layers of newspapers that are used as the tablecloth/plate. How to eat Maryland crabs (I don't know this person, but he gives a quick lesson on eating blue crabs for those that wish to learn how):

For now I leave you hunger for blue crabs, while I go off to quilt. Bon Appetit!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Life Comes to a Halt

Last week was a difficult week for my family. My mother-in-law past away rather quickly. She was admitted to the hospital on Thursday evening and died early Monday morning. She had been sharp and alert up until her last week of life. Her only complaint had been that she was slowing down, which is normal for an 89 year old.

This photo is one of my favorites of her since she looks so happy and relaxed. It was taken on my wedding day, 26 years ago. She is holding a wine bottle; and yet, she never drank. She was just being silly, which she would do from time to time, her playful side.

Last week was spent reflecting back on times spent with her. In Japan, there is a custom of setting up a memorial in the home. This is my memorial to her that I have set up in my home. She will truly be missed.

I had a difficult time focusing on finishing the scrappy Irish chain quilt for my bother, but I did get it done in time. My mind kept difting to my recent travel to Houston with my son. That trip rekindled my desire to travel in an RV around the US and Canada with my husband. My mother-in-law's death made me realize that my husband and I need to start camping again. So, I started reading blogs by RV travelers and researching on RV vans. I'm getting too old for tent camping. Plus, I just want see more of the country, and so many National Parks are there to be visited. The RV van may have to wait until son is through college, but the camping travels don't need to be postponed.

From scraps of fabrics, a quilt is made...from dreams and desires, adventures are formed...and so my journey continues on.