Friday, December 19, 2014

Crabs Floating in the Tide

Yes, it has been awhile since my last posting. When I started this project, I thought I knew what direction I would go with making this quilt. Shortly after making a couple of the crabs, I realized I didn't want to copy the quilt that someone else made, the one I had posted in a previous post. I wanted to create some form of motion with the crabs across the quilt. Instead of making rows of crabs, I decided to cut the number of crabs to just five and position them heading in different directions.

Then, I couldn't think of how I wanted to do the quilting. I didn't want to do straight lines or lots of small circles. Sadly, the quilt sat for some time until I saw some other blogger's quilt that had been quilted with wavy lines. That motivated me into finishing the project. I found a cute flannel that I instantly loved and knew would work as the back of the quilt. Now, I not only have crabs, but also fish swimming in the tide.