Sunday, January 18, 2015

1080 Squares

Surprisingly, there are 1080 small squares! It didn't seem like I was making that many squares during construction and piecing. By using Bonnie Hunter's method for this scrappy Trip Around the World, this quilt top came together very quickly.

Next step is designing the back of the quilt. The back will not be constructed as quickly as the front since I'll be cutting out each of the 50 States. My classes start up next week; so, I will only be working on the back design during my free time, which will be weekends.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

792 and Counting

My quilt in progress. There are presently 792 small squares. When complete, there will be 1080 small squares- unless I add another row. This quilt top is coming together much faster then I had expected.

The back side will take much longer since I will be cutting out each state to make a map of the US.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Travels and Maps

I started the new year off by working on a scrappy A Trip Around the World quilt.

My goal is to work on this quilt when I have some free time this spring semester. This project will most likely turn into a semester long quilt project since I'm taking three classes and working as a sub. Since classes don't start up for another two weeks, I have been busy with piecing this quilt top and subbing at the preschool. Luckily, the quilt blocks go together rather quickly and are fun to piece using my Two Spools. My present plan for the other side of this quilt is to design a map of the US along with a travel trailer by using the leftover scraps of fabric from the front of the quilt. And yes, this quilt will be used in my own travel trailer when finished.